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  BUSINESS AND FINANCE - Purchasing - Bids / Proposals / RFPs

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PUR-P200Bid Openingrev. Erev. date 05/07/09
PUR-P212Exceptions to Bidrev. Brev. date 09/10/08
PUR-P213Joinder Bidrev. Drev. date 12/22/10
PUR-P215Approval for Exceptions to Bidrev. Arev. date 09/10/08
PUR-P301Preparation of a Request for Bidrev. Crev. date 03/26/09
PUR-P303Bid Bondrev. Crev. date 09/10/08
PUR-P308Recommendation for Awardrev. Crev. date 02/09/09
Work Instructions
PUR-W430Preparation of a Request for Bid / Proposalrev. Arev. date 02/07/11
PUR-F215Bid Opening Tablerev. Crev. date 06/09/10
PUR-F216Return Bid Letterrev. Brev. date 08/25/08
PUR-F218Request for RFP / RFBrev. Drev. date 12/21/10
PUR-F220Bid Postcardrev. Grev. date 01/14/13
PUR-F221Bid Bond Listingrev. Arev. date 08/02/04
PUR-F222Request for Performance Bond Letterrev. Brev. date 04/21/11
PUR-F223Performance Bond Listingrev. Arev. date 08/02/04
PUR-F232Boiler Product Formrev. Erev. date 03/11/10
PUR-F233Boiler Service Formrev. Erev. date 03/11/10
PUR-F235Request for Quotation for Servicesrev. Crev. date 03/19/09
PUR-F236Request for Quotation (RFQ) Productsrev. Erev. date 12/21/10
PUR-F237Newspaper Ad Notice to Biddersrev. Grev. date 01/16/13
PUR-F238Bid Tabluationrev. Crev. date 06/09/10
PUR-F240Request for Proposalrev. Arev. date 03/11/10
PUR-F249Bid-Quote Tabulation Formrev. Brev. date 11/03/08
PUR-F254Request for Bid Folder Checklistrev. Brev. date 02/05/15
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